About us

ALLOVE inherits the top diamond technology of Antwerp of Belgium that is called world capital of diamond. It is the creator of innovative “ten-heart and ten-arrow structure with 81facets” of diamond. The fire brilliance that is higher than that of common diamond for more than 50% is used to anew define international diamond industry standard and achieve the breakthrough of diamond technology across hundred years. The innovation has got patent for invention in China, Japan and EU and got patent protection of near one hundred countries, including America, member countries of PCT, WTO and the member countries of Paris Convention. Besides, it has been permanently enshrined by world-level museum DIVA and become a landmark innovation model in the culture and history of diamond of the world.

ALLOVE starts from “heart” and endows more sparkle to diamond. As for every person who presents or owns ALLOVE diamond, it carries delicacy and engraves every precious moment of ladies in their life, love and dream. Eventually, it sublimates to be the pursuit to perfect life. 


American most authoritative organization of diamond optics authentication 


In the test data of global famous organization of diamond optics authentication GEMEX: the three indexes “brightness”, “fire chroma” and “flicker degree” of ALLOVE diamond reach the grade “VERY HIGH”. The founder Randall Wagner of the organization emphasized that the proportion of the three indexes reaching “HIGH” was 0.15% in all tests on diamond; the diamond whose three indexes reach “VERY HIGH” is “the top one in a million”.

Based on the national strategic background “one belt & one road”, Shanghai Diamond Exchange cooperated with the government of Belgium to hold annual cultural economic trade exchange activity on Sep.4, 2017. Relying on the innovation of cutting technique of ten-heart and ten-arrow diamond, ALLOVE became the sole Chinese jewelry brand permanently enshrined by world-level museum DIVA. It was praised as landmark innovative model in world diamond culture and history.

You can image that: I sit beside a long table that 10,000 diamonds are stacked. After authenticating every diamond, I find the optical effect of only 15 diamonds can rival that of ALLOVE diamond. This is really unique and extraordinary.

Randall Wagner

The chairman / 

Chief Operations Officer /

One of the founders of GEMEX

With the progress of modern science and technology, it is the time to bring more brilliant and more interesting diamonds to consumers. Ten hearts and ten arrows with 81 facets can bring unrivalled brilliance to diamonds. I believe that ALLOVE will become a new standard in diamond industry sooner or later. Ladies always favor a diamond that is more brilliant than that of others.

Francis Gouten

Has served successively as the chairman in Asia Pacific region of Peak Group

the chief executive officer of Cartier/global chief executive officer of PIAGET.

When I saw ALLOVE diamond for the first time, I was immediately attracted by its brilliance and sparkle. You will be amazed at the world-level high-standard diamond. It is an honor for HRD to be a strategic cooperative partner of ALLOVE, authenticate every ten-heart and ten-arrow diamond with 81 facets and customize exclusive certificate.

Randall Wagner

HRD Antwerp

Former chief executive officer